Dr. Denny Taylor

From Family Literacy to Earth System Science. 40-Year Research Retrospective.


Making the Planet a Child Safe Zone (Downloads).


U.N. Family Literacy and the Future of Humanity

Fostering a focused discourse on the mitigation of global catastrophic risks will require hearts and minds united in compassion, empathy and trust at the species level to take on the daunting challenge of safeguarding families, their communities, and their countries to ensure the survival of humanity. View all report downloads.


U.N. HLPF 2019 & the Family Literacy Declaration of Principles

It is a moral imperative and an ethical responsibility that the U.N. work closely with NGOs and civil society to ensure global, regional and local initiatives that create safe, resilient and sustainable local communities, to foster greater involvement and local participation, and by so doing, make every effort to reclaim the human rights of families – especially women and children who are trying to cope with abusive circumstances in their struggle to survive. View all report downloads.


How Family Literacy in U.N. Member States Has Become A Conduit for Sustaining Peace

Family literacy is at the heart of many global peace initiatives and, given that human rights, environmental sustainability and conflict prevention are inextricably linked, it makes eminent sense to locate peacebuilding efforts in family settings to ameliorate the often violent circumstances in which families live their everyday lives. View all report downloads.


Family Literacy and U.N. Peacebuilding Architecture

A Family Literacy Global Peace Initiative is a first principle ethical macrostrategy that provides opportunities for UN Member States to change the dominant narrative, and to use actionable knowledge gained from forty years of family literacy research and initiatives to reduce the risks that are threatening all human societies. View all report downloads.


Family Literacy is at the Heart of Many Global Peace Initiatives. View Denny Taylor's Research.


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